Abrasive blasting and automatic shop priming

Abrasive blasting and automatic shop priming of sheets, pipes and profiles

To perform the surface treatment and application of primer with a high production automatic process. It has the following advantages:

granallado de shoprimado automatico
  • It does not depend on climatic factors
  • Quality is guaranteed in automatic and continuous industrial processes.
  • Significant reduction of working times.
  • It avoids environmental pollution in workshops and works.
  • It reduces the number of staff
  • It eliminates the danger of silicosis in the staff involved.
  • The shop primed plates can be rolled and welded without damaging the paint.
  • It reduces paint consumption by 40%.
  • It reduces the final cost by more than 50%.
  • It reduces the extent of time of surface treatment and painting by 50%.


The plant has a 30 ton magnetic bridge crane for loading and unloading sheets in transports. The positioning of entry and exit removal is carried out with two bridge cranes. There are no weight limitations and packages can be adjusted according to the particular requirements of the treated substrate.


The team performs the treatment of plates up to 3 meters x 12 meters long, which are moved by rollers through a treatment tunnel.

Prior to the process, the sheets undergo a very hot air injection in order to remove surface moisture. Then they are blasted with three turbines on each side that cover the width of the sheet. The propelled abrasive is collected at the bottom and transferred to cleaning equipment, where fractured grit, loose material, dust and reusable grit are selectively separated. The system does not pollute the environment.

Then, they are immediately introduced into a spray booth with dehumidified environment, where two reciprocators fed by airless equipment deposit a layer of the selected paint in the desired thickness. All the treated sheets have a rigorous quality control.

The new paint technology allows the treated sheets to be rolled, cut and welded without the coating being damaged or burned.

Technical Specifications Técnicas

The basic conditions are:
  • Controlled temperature and humidity.
  • Minimum degree of cleanliness Sa 2.5 according to SIS / SSPC 10 standards.
  • Roughness according to the abrasive used in ranges from 50 to 100 microns.
  • Protective layer thickness as specified by the manufacturer in ranges from 15 to 75 microns.

80 Plates/day or 4800 m2/day.

The plant works according to the “just in time” concept, with a strict working program.

This service can be complemented with blasting and shop priming of profiles and structures.