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Ecological grit

“Eco grit”, also widely known as "Copper Slag", is a mineral abrasive used for treating surfaces. It can be used as a replacement of sand blasting, which is very well known for causing extremely high rates of silicosis and lung cancer among workers and staff in the surroundings.

venta de granalla ecologica
  • Why replace the sand for surface preparation?

Although sand is the most widely available and economical natural abrasive, there are many reasons why sand blasting/hydro blasting should be eradicated and prohibited: when the sand is projected on a surface, most of it turns into dust in sizes smaller than 300Mesh because of the impact.

The environmental pollution generated in the workplace and nearby areas is composed of free silica, which is the main cause of silicosis, a disease that causes breathing difficulties and subsequent death to a very high percentage of the staff involved in these tasks.

For these reasons, security requirements have been multiplied and they have caused the ban of sand blasting in most of the technologically advanced countries.

  • CSA Ecological Grit

It is the ideal replacement for sand regarding surface preparation due to its chemical composition, availability, price and absence of unhealthy components.

Why use CSA Ecological Grit?
  • It is friendly to the environment and workers.
  • It can be reused up to 3 times.
  • It does not contain crystalline silica and therefore does not cause silicosis.
  • It does not rust.
  • Over 100 microns of anchor profile can be achieved if required.
  • Considerably reduces dust generation compared to sand blasting or wet sand blasting.
  • -It is considered a non-polluting product according to the Ministry of Environment and Sustainable Development.
  • Approved by the INTI in according to chemical analysis of the product.
  • High performance, better than that of sandblasting.
  • Sold in maxisac, new, waterproof, 2 ton (90x90x100cm) polypropylene bags.
  • Low price, considerably lower than that of steel grit.
  • Accepted and suggested by the main petrochemical, shipping, mining and grain companies, among other industries.
Features of CSA Ecological Grit
Name: CSA Ecological Grit
Color: Dark Grey
Odor: Odorless
Density. Packed 1535
Spherical density (kg/m³) 3,3 a 3,9
Hardness 7
Silica free <0,1%
PH 6,5
Chemical characteristics
Ca % 12,7
Fe % 33,6
Cu % 2,1
Mn % 1,1
Zn % 0,48
Mg % 1,18
Al % 6,87
Toxicity testing (levels approved by EPA - USA)
Element Detectable limit Regulated maximum level
As mg/l 0,028 5,0
Cd mg/l 0,00077 1,0
Cr mg/l 0,00543 5,0
Pb mg/l 0,0032 5,0
Se mg/l 0,0212 1,0
Ag mg/l 0,00056 5,0
Hg mg/l 0,0003 0,2