SCAFFOLDING: Rental, Assembly and Sales

SCAFFOLDING: Rental, Assembly and Sales


alquiler y armado de andamios, venta de andamios

Simple and effective, fast and efficient.

  • Internationally certified.
  • Intelligent assembly system.
  • Less individual components.
  • Fast assembly and dismantling.
  • Optimum use of space for collection and transportation.
  • High safety standards.
  • Indestructible components.
  • Compatible with Layher and similar systems.

It is a simple and efficient system that allows rapid assembly and dismantling, offering more security, stability and productivity in small spaces as well as large projects.

These are the main advantages of RINGSCAFF, the multidirectional scaffolding system of Scafom-Rux. This system has been improved over time; it has been subject of strict tests in each of their parts and officially certified by the most reputable institutions worldwide.

Simplicity, reliability, comfort and efficiency are the main values of the RINGSCAFF system. The optimum combination of a limited number of components creates a stable scaffold structure.

And as safety is of paramount importance, the RINGSCAFF system has been developed taking into account higher standards than needed. The result has been that the RINGSCAFF system has a large reserve of loading capacity.

For this reasons, Scafom-Rux and its multidirectional RINGSCAFF system is one of the leading suppliers worldwide.