Description: We participate in the construction of Draga IHC in Montevideo, making all the interior and exterior coatings of the same. Tanks, cofferdams, helmets, covers, sing, pipes and double bottom.

DATE: February 2018

Description: We carry out all the scaffolding, surface treatments (shot blasting, mechanical manual, waterjetting, hydrolavados) and the coatings and insulation of the ANCAP 2017 plant stop. This work involved more than 170 employees of CIMSA Uruguay and Argentina. 550 tons of certified multidirectional scaffolding were used.

DATE: March-December 2017

Description: Shot and paint of 8,000 m2 of pipes for Matheu Thermal Power Plant.

DATE: August2017

Description: Construction (DINCOA), Shotblasting and Painting of Railway Bridge in CINAR.

DATE:June 2017